What Medium Got Right and What It Got Wrong

I’m starting a Substack but that doesn’t mean I think Substack is “disrupting” Medium.

But before we continue, if you’d like to visit my Substack, you can find it here. Also, I will continue being a paying Member on Medium — I can’t wait for the day they figure it out.

A Short History: From Ink to Internet

Self-Publishing But Make It Social

The Problem: Medium’s Identity Crisis

1) High stop rate paired with limited control over quality of content

2) Creators get all the content risk with little of the reward

3) As creators grow, Medium only becomes less valuable

What’s Next?

I’m curious to know what you think. Please chime in below in the comments and let’s discuss. Finally, one last plug…let’s catch up over at Making Sense Of, my new Internet home for writing.

Blogging reflections on tech, growth, and life | Building Minecraft programs for neurodivergent youth at katapultplay.com

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