The News Industry Could Learn a Thing or Two from Netflix

A bundling service may be the only way to save this industry

The alignment — reach as many [readers and potential customers] as possible — was obvious, and profitable for the publishers in particular.

— Ben Thompson, Stratechery

Adapting for Survival

Paywalls, Subscriptions and Membership Models

Source: AdWeek

Joining an Aggregator Platform

The big question with Facebook is most of Facebook’s revenue is in News Feed, and that’s where they’ve not shared revenue.

Jonah Peretti, Buzzfeed Founder and CEO

So Which Way Forward?

“Newspapers are equal parts business enterprises and civic institutions.”

— Penelope Muse Abernathy, The Rise of a New Media Baron and the Emerging Threat of News Deserts

Photo by Mike Ackerman on Unsplash

An Aggregator Product from Within

Illustration by Lukas Kouwets, Momkai

Cliché but true: if the news industry wants to avoid being disrupted, it must take a risk and disrupt itself.

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